The device is installed directly in the upper part of a sewer system pit and monitors water quality continuously, providing alerts if programmed limits are surpassed.

All work is resources saving and simple due to its autonomous and independent system, non-intrusive in the flow and with easy maintenance. Smart Cities trend drives society to a greater amount of sensors for real time information and convenient alerts.

Networks managers take advantage of gathered information for increasing their performance and reducing management costs. Treatment plants are prevented from suffering damage by spills or other events.

Data analysis and correlations will lead to the prevention or mitigation of undesired events effects.

What data is obtained with Pitwatcher?




Dissolved oxygen



* Other substances and water states (customization)

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Saving resources means helping environment

Knowing our close environment and its inefficiencies and problems is more and more required nowadays. As far as wastewater is concerned, Pitwatcher is the solution for an accurate and resource-saving quality monitoring and control.


9 reasons for Pitwatcher

Resources saving

No need for human action.

Dangerous substances releases detection

Physical or chemical precedence.

Alarms system

Self-configuration of desired limits.

Real time

Continuous monitoring and instant data visualization.


Access to visualization and alarms system from any connected device.


Long battery life to ensure maximum operability or 230V connection


Water flow is not altered for samples collection or data delivery.

Easy installation and maintenance

30 minutes installation or portability with very low maintenance.


After placing the device, data are automatically sent.

Operation and features

Pitwatcher device is installed in the upper part of the pit (resisting flood episodes), pumping flow samples to the monitoring box. Then, sensors make their job and data are sent to the data analysis system, ready for user visualization.

Data visualization

All devices are controlled in the same visualization platform.

Web visualization system allows mapping all installed devices and analysing data.

So, user is able to know water quality in sewer system in real time, detecting zone problems, punctual discharges, etc. Graphs and tables provide a better visualization of real time or historical data.

How It Works?

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